Varron Townend

A Neutral Good Ranger, falsely accused and branded a criminal.


Varron Townend, a 32 year old Neutral Good Human Ranger (Infiltrator Archetype from the Advanced Players Guide), was once a simple hunter who supported his wife and their 3 small children by plying his humble trade.

However, after being wrongly accused, tried, convicted, and punished for poaching on a Noble Lord’s land, Varron was forced to leave that life behind to prevent his family from suffering the ongoing disgrace of the wretched Poacher’s brand now scarring his right jaw.

After initially seeking out and putting an end to the true poaching culprits, a small band of vicious goblins (creatures which he now hates), Varron took to a life of wondering the wilds, living mainly off what he scrounged, avoiding larger towns and settlements whenever possible.

He is 5’9", 172 lbs. of all rugged muscle, and most of his sun-weathered face, including his piercing green eyes, is visible beneath the messy nest of his auburn hair. The unsettling scar of the Poacher’s brand is plainly visible on his left jaw in stark contrast to the graying hairs of his shaggy brown beard. Aside from his scale armor, Verron dresses in explorer’s clothing complete with a dusty cloak, muddy boots, and a wide brimmed hat of dark green, perfectly suited for venturing forth through underbrush, briars and other unfavorable terrain. He currently protects himself and his friends with a heavy greatsword that normally rest sheathed across his back.

Having learned much during his time of exile, Varron has now taken up with a group of adventurers and seeks to help others in need wherever he might. However, the scar of his past life haunts him wherever he goes, and those who recognize the symbol’s meaning (almost everyone he encounters) almost always treat him like the convicted criminal he is. The grotesque appearance and perceived reputation from his wound do however sometimes allow him to intimidate those who find themselves at odds with Varron’s goals.

Ranger varron townendVarron Townend, pathfinding after several days on the trail.

Boars tail symbolThe “Boar’s Tail,” mark of the poacher, branded on Varron’s right jaw.

Varron Townend

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