Of Bandits and Mites

Five adventurers arrived at Oleg’s Trading Post bearing charters to explore the northern Greenbelt. It would seem that destiny was at work, as only two of the five knew each other and yet all would band together to assist Oleg and his wife, Svetlana, with an ongoing bandit problem.

For the past three months, Oleg and Svetlana had fallen victim to local bandits who “taxed” the couple by taking most of their profits and goods obtained. Fearing for her husband’s well-being, Svetlana had forbid him to retaliate. But, the serendipitous arrival of five travelers provided the couple with a way to escape their oppressors.

Setting a trap, the party of heroes made quick work of the five bandits and their leader, Happs. Killing all but Happs, the heroes discovered that the bandits had a camp about a day’s ride to the southwest. Happs was bound and stored in a secret room under Oleg and Svetlana’s bedroom to be turned over to Restovian soldiers the next time they stopped through.

To be continued (or added to by others)…


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